" Living Your Joy "  
     A Joy-Filled Life
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"These stories invite you to a place of unity and simplicity which is our natural state of being. Enjoy these amazing stories."
Patty Luckenbach, DD, author "I only walk on water when it rains" 

"Since the turn of millennium, the field of positive psychology has focused a lot on the general theme of happiness. This book highlights pure joy through diverse, well-writen  accounts of the writers' experiences."                  
Jim Sharon,EdD., author "Secrets of a soulful marriage," and " Ordinary Men, Extroidinary Lives"

"A stunning collection of uplifting stories that will inspire all of us to create Joy in our lives"
Polly Letofsky, author "3mph: The Adventure of One Woman's Walk AroundThe World" 

A collection of inspiring, motivating stories of routes to joy. From letting the essence of music imbed in our beings to the healing power of horses, living with joy gives insight to the healing power of living your joy"
Anne Randolph, author "Stories Gathered At The Kitchen Table" 

"Joyce has the ability to bring literature to life - hers and others. Her previius books have moved me and her latest venture will give all readers joy, comfort and growth. Read slowly and savor."
Jim Graywolf Petruzzi, author White Man, Red Road, Five Colors.

The Path:Herbs, Homeopathy, Holistic Healing


An everyday resource guide to everyday living. A book by different healers using modalities that may help heal body mindand spirit. 

The Healer


A novel set in the Southwest with the  beautiful voice of a naturopath and spiritual healer. Discover what happens when a mother is ill and seeks a different path than her family believes in. 

Qi Gong

Check back with us.

I am no longer acceptingnew clinets inmy counseling office. My Ft Collins office will be closing this month April 2019. 

Counseling Office

My counseling and coaching office in Ft Collins Colorado is now closed. Thank you for your referrals and for the work we did together these past years. 

I will miss the awesome people that came for help. I wish you all the best in life. Please refer to Health Grades or Psychology Today  web sites for a counselor near you. 

Liz Terrell-Phillips, LPC is a recommendation I often  suggest in the Ft Collins area. She has over 30 years experience. and a caring and compassiontae nature. 

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Books Publishing in 2019


A new book is in the making.

Release date  coming soon!! 


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